Samantha Berley

Sami Berley Welcome to Samantha Berley’s author page!

Born in sunny California, Samantha enjoys food, shiny objects, and overall geekery. As she traveled the long trek through life, she made several stops at high school, university, followed by the new and improved real world.

Samantha’s favorite works include Pride and Prejudice, The Harry Potter Series, Ender’s Game, A Wrinkle In Time, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Paper Towns, and the general works of John Milton, John Keats, William Blake, and W.B. Yeats. Her favorite television shows include Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, My Little Pony, Archer, and The Big Bang Theory.

For more information on Samantha Berley, check out her geeky tumblr blog or her tweets on up and coming articles, projects, and the physical manifestation of sheer boredom at work.

blue-cover_zpsba0703ffCurrent Works

Samantha is currently working on a new serial called Code Periwinkle Blue!

For a free sample, CLICK HERE!

For access to the story, feel free to email her:


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