A couple of weeks ago, I was talking with a coworker about some favorite (and forgotten) childhood films. One film we agreed on was the animated film, Robin Hood (see clip above).

Robin Hood has been made at least a dozen times since the inception of movies. In fact, the story is remade so often that this piece of folklore from the time of King Richard and Prince John, has become an iconic part of Hollywood films.

It is my belief that the fandom for this story has inspired many a children and adults to pick up bows, fight against poverty, and even find true love.

In fact, recently, I came across this meme and was super excited- other people remember this film, as well! Maybe in the context of modern culture, but at heart, the story remains. And while I didn’t see any other blatant signs for this version of Robin Hood, there were hundreds of pieces on other versions including stories about the costumes, historical accuracy, and even economic impact.

So now that I have the whistling song stuck in my head, I hope you do too. This is a great film and something to revisit time to time for a bit of nostalgia and a taste for animated adventure (with cute animals in speaking roles).


P.S. I’m pleased to announce my favorite childhood film is on Netflix! How did that happen? I just checked

P.P.S.- lucky enough to find photos with signatures from where they’re from: Makayla Memet and TheDisneyPrincess.tumblr.com

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