A Tidbit from Chapter 3 in Code Periwinkle Blue!

A tidbit from the new chapter in Code Periwinkle Blue!

“The thought of going on a blind date repulsed Mackenzie, but she did it to prove to herself that she could. And to get her mother off her back.

So when Sunday rolled around and Mackenzie pushed the lettuce across her plate, she tried to remember to keep her shoulders straight and her face cheerful.  Soon, the conversation lulled after awkward introductions and appetizers.

“So,” Mackenzie said slowly, stirring around her salad, “Where are you from?”

“I’m actually from Northern California, but I’ve been down here since I went to UCLA.”

“Ah,” Mackenzie said lightly. She gazed longingly toward the restaurant door, praying for a fake emergency from a friend. Or a masked gunman. Or the end of the world….”


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