Whenever I was down, whenever I had a conflict, there was always one thing I knew I could rely on, my dad.

He’s the one that introduced me to Star Trek. I would hide under the kitchen counters around 8-9 pm every night, waiting as my dad watched Star Trek. About midway through, a commercial would come on and my dad would turn around and say, ”Okay, time for bed.”

From the age of three on, this was our tradition. Every night he’d promise to tell me what happened if I went to sleep and every morning I asked and he responded with “they lived happily ever after.”

Of all the episodes that stuck in my head, this was the episode. This was the one my dad and I continued to discuss well into my teens.

Star Trek taught me a lot, but the thing that it taught me more than anything was the love of a father.

I love you, dad. Happy Father’s Day

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