Lately (okay and maybe for the past few years), there’s been this tension between female geeks/ nerds and male geeks/ nerds. I keep wondering why. 

On both sides, there is a sexualization of characters. Male or female, there’s a fight between which gender has it worse. And in the world of fandom, a world that is meant to be idealized regardless of gender, class, orientation or ethnicity, it just seems wrong.

And then I came across this photograph. I see nothing of a sexual nature. I don’t see the prince charming complex or even men and women prepared to battle the opposite sex. 

I see a set of beautiful, strong females, their hands on their hips, showing the world just how awesome and special they really are. And after all the stuff that’s been popping up on Twitter and Facebook feeds, this photo is what we should really be fighting for:

The freedom to recognize our individual and collective strengths and to proudly display them in any way we choose.


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