Remember when Tumblr exploded the moment JK Rowling made an announcement about Pottermore? Or when they announced about the early registration?

Remember those 7 days when we had to get 1 of the 7 clues in order to get into the early registration? And then when we all helped each other and made so much new friends during those 7 days?

And then that moment when you finally got your letter and couldn’t help sharing it with everyone else… 

And of course, finally being able to play the game… Do you remember what it felt like being Sorted, knowing that JK Rowling made the test herself? And then finally getting into your House and earning House Points and all the commotion here on Tumblr because you know that anyone from the cast may actually be playing it with you right at that moment?

Pottermore may have its lapses, but at one point, it all brought us together. And I miss that. I miss Harry Potter.

“I’ll keep on smiling, from the times I had with them” -End of an Era

I keep hoping there is this revival of Harry Potter, that either through the sheer force of fandom or through JK Rowling something happens that reignites that spark for the boy wizard and his life. That story means more to me than some of my life experiences, perhaps because it WAS a life experience. You learned through Harry, Hermione, Ron, Neville- all of them. But I have faith Pottermore isn’t the end, just a respite from an undying fandom. Even Star Wars had its lulls. ~S

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