@ndib  had this amazing post of a Dr. Whooves figurine and all I could think/ say was OMFG WTF THIS IS AWESOME.

Let’s be fair, if you’re over the age of 18, you shouldn’t get excited about toys, right? Wrong! Remember that age where you used to carry around that awesome Batman lunchbox? And then it wasn’t cool for like six years and somewhere around sophomore year of high school, it was cool again? That’s how I feel about figurines and toys.

If you aren’t at that age where your peers say “gross, what are you, four?” then you can probably have toys again. For me, it’s obvious where this toy would go- on my desk!

On my very professional, where-I-do-all-of-my-work desk. And in the mean time, I’ll take the Pinkie Pie magnet and coffee mug to. One for my super adult filing cabinet and the other for my cup of tea when I watch Downton Abbey, Doctor Who, and all the other lovely British shows.

I love Nerds Do It Better! I love this website with all the awesome MLP:FIM merchandise! And I love being an adult, even if I’m the weird adult with MLP toys on my desk.


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