Pride and Prejudice: An Intro To Contemporary Fashion (Part 5)

So this may be weird, but more so than the vests, hats often make the era. Think about it! A man on horseback bobbing up the hill and he has a feather in his cap. From a distance, everything else blurs, but from the shape on the individuals head, sometimes you can tell their rank in society of the military (and not just the kind of horse that they have).

I wasn’t sure about Mr. Bennet’s hat for accuracy because tricorns were predominantly in the 1700s and speak more to Johnny Depp-looking pirates, but George Wickham in “Lost in Austen” certainly fits the part.

And yes, I am forgetting the top hats a probably a couple more. I came across a good site while researching who had an interesting intro on hats in general.  by Shahan Cheong of Australia.



1 from Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2, 3

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