First Impressions of Gigi Darcy *No Book Spoilers*

As a character, she may be secondary to some, but Gigi is integral to Darcy’s development and the progression of the story.

For one thing, Gigi not only knows William from childhood, but understands him almost on an almost instinctive level that can only come with close siblings. After all, they lost their parents at an early age; based on Darcy’s age in TLBD and the opening of Darcy Memorial Hall, I would guess he was between 17 and 20, making Gigi still in her teens:

Ground broke on Anne F. and William S. Darcy Memorial Hall in early 2005, and construction was completed in early 2006.  The hall’s official ribbon-cutting ceremony was presided over by Anne and William Darcy’s children, William F. Darcy, who succeeded his father as CEO of Pemberley Digital, and Georgiana Darcy.   The four-story addition to Pemberley Digital’s campus contains a world-class collection of modern art, a 300-seat performance space, a 150-seat movie theatre, conference rooms, and a top-floor greenhouse garden. 

The hall is named in the memory of Anne Fitzwilliam Darcy, former CFO for Pemberley Digital, and William S. Darcy, former CEO.

Things like a parent’s death changes their children, and often times the older siblings and other individuals that are close to the family (Fitz) become surrogates for the younger siblings. Based on the fact that there is a “four-story addition to Pemberley Digital’s campus,” Darcy is already hard at work as an adult and a surrogate parent to his younger sister.

As an adult, the dynamic between Darcy and Wickhan would also alter. While Darcy grew up quickly hardly out of adolescence, Wickham’s behavior in comparison became an infantile attempt to garner attention. At a very difficult time in Darcy’s own life, the combination of forced maturity and the situation with Wickham obviously caused an extreme bout of social awkwardness. This certainly affected Lizzie’s initial impression of Darcy.

Then we come to Gigi. Based on the initial impression, Georgiana is multi-talented, personable, and thoughtful. Oh, and sneaky.

Sneaky because she knows the REAL Darcy, the one that didn’t have to grow up quickly and she is probably one of a couple people (Fitz) that understands William. I don’t think we’ll ever see Darcy chilling with flip flops with a Corona in hand, but if her devious side is remotely genetic or even if Darcy had to endure Gigi’s deviousness while growing up, it definitely adds a new element to Darcy’s character.

Although the change in William Darcy is permanent, Lizzie gets some one on one time with Gigi. As her mind begins to alter from hatred to awkward avoidance, perhaps Lizzie will learn something new about Darcy. And that’s all thanks to our very own Georgiana Darcy (and Fitz, though we don’t know how yet).

After watching today, I can honestly say that is probably one of my favorite episodes! Georgiana’s portrayal, courtesy of Allison Page, is absolute perfection!!!


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